The Foot


Original art work. Oil painting from the collection of Robert G.Bertone.

Bertone art

From simple geometric forms to more involved imagery…My contrasts in colors create an effect of soothing vibrancy, at once both calming and exciting!  I love color and experimenting with color, line and composition. My idea’s come from within me; expressing what’s in my imagination, and what I feel at the time. My feelings can be whimsical, other times more serious or even surreal like… they also come from my dreams.

From a recent collection of bertone art.

Original oil painting from my collection of 1990’s works. One of a “HOLE SERIES” that I produced at that time.  We are becoming machines and how they are becoming us. The intensity of bright colors within the foot is  contrasted with the grey and black surroundings.

“The Foot” was hand prepared with rabbit skin glue and then hand primed with oil base primer. I have many favorite pieces, but this is definitely one of my all time favorite pieces.

Size: 50″x 42″

Hand primed, Oil on Linen

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